Our services

Car transport

By combining our own transport with third-party transport we have built up a very tight network for efficient and competitive execution of your transport.

We hold a NIWO license with IRU certificate

Often the transport is combined with inspections and registrations

Our customers include Fleet Builders, Body Builders, Dealers, Match Builders and Dealers.


Testimonials and registrations

If you have found a car abroad or ourselves, we can take care of the approval and approval of this car.

We can also arrange transportation for you.

This can also be for cars that have to be registered elsewhere in the Netherlands.


In-and Sale of Commercial Vehicles

To buy or sell your new or used Mercedes-Benz delivery car, you can contact us at any time.

We sell new and used vans to your wish and execution.


Leasing and Financing

We offer you the opportunity to lease or finance your company cars.

For a number of years, we work closely with an independent intermediary specializing in company cars, tailor-made and tailored to your needs.

In addition to the standard products such as operational and financial lease for both new and used commercial vehicles, they are also very well at home in the sale and lease back of cars and fleets, starting entrepreneurs and the taxi world.

We would like to inform you about the possibilities.


Advice and mediation

Of course, you can always contact us for free advice or valuation.

Even if you want to buy or sell a car yourself, we can mediate and disarm.